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A safe space for circus artist, aerialist, pole athletes, acrobats, and anyone else who considers themselves an unconventional athlete.

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Hi! My name is Tatyana Long MS, RDN, LD. I am a performance dietitian, aerialist, nature lover, and cat lover. I help unconventional athletes (circus, aerialist, pole athletes, and acrobats) prevent injury and overcome fatigue through my confidently fueled performance model so they can remain athletes for as long as possible.

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Performance Nutrition Team Talks

Interactive performance nutrition team talk sessions for all athletes.

Gym Nutrition Overhall

Create a gym culture that promotes fueled and energized athletes. Get guidance on creating your perfect gym fueling bar.


Check out the store for handouts that can be used in your gym or to help you on your personal performance nutrition journey. Personalized handouts available!

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Hydration Handout

Do you know what your hydration status is? What should you really be doing? Are we still drinking 8 glasses a day? Let’s get rid of the guessing game and help you feel more confident in how you’re hydrating.


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Creatine for Circus Artist

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