No Bake Energy Bites for Your Best Workout

Having an easy, go to snack is important when creating goals to stay fueled for your workouts. This recipe is quick, fun, and easy to make. You can even customize it for your needs and feel confident in knowing all the ingredients that are in your snack!

Energy bites are a favorite for athletes young and old. They can be fun to make and they taste great!

large batch of no bake energy bites on a sheet pan

Preparation and cooking time

Prep Time: 20 minutes to prep, no cooking time

Yields: 16 energy bites

Serving Size: 1 energy bite


Step-by-step Directions


  1. Prepare a sheet pan with parchment paper on top.
  2. Add 1 ½ cups of quick oats, 4 tbsp chocolate chips, 1 cup of peanut butter, 4 tbsp honey, a pinch of salt, and ¼ tbsp cinnamon to a large bowl. 
  3. Mix all ingredients well. If mixture seems a little dry add in a little more peanut butter if it seems too sticky/thick add in some extra oats. 
  4. Once all ingredients are mostly combined, add in 2 tbsp m&ms and finish mixing.
  5. After the mixture is complete you will make small 1-inch balls and place them on the sheet pan you prepared. 
  6. When all balls are complete, place the sheet pan in the fridge for 10 minutes to help the energy bites harden. 
  7. Once hardened the balls can be placed in small baggies of 2 or 3 to easily be grabbed and taken with you. 

Nutrition Information

allergy information

As written this recipe may contain peanuts, milk, soy, and wheat allergens.

Dietitian Tips

  • You are able to easily customize this recipe to fit your needs and preference.Try different toppings such as fresh or dried fruits, nuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, or hemp seeds for added nutrients.
  • Enjoy lasting energy from 100% whole grain oats.
  • Substitutions can be made to avoid allergens. Items like allergen free semi sweet morsels, alternatives to peanut butter or nut free butters.
  • This recipe is vegetarian but can be made vegan by replacing the honey with another sweetener.
  • This recipe can be made in large batches and then placed in the fridge or freezer so they will last longer.

Energy bites are a great alternative to other granola and energy bars. This is a form of quick energy that you can eat before or during a workout to give your body an extra boost of energy. I would love to see your creations!

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